Posted: December 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

HI to all,
well even tho we are heading towards summer i thought you might all like a quick update on what we have lined up for next year 2015… Some hard work has been going on in the background to make this year bigger and better than last year. After some of your awesome feedback we have changed that track a wee bit and taken the awful S bend climb out but have included another river crossing with bridges so we don’t get cold feet, and we have also added a awesome 10km Cross Country Run…..
Also something else the we have managed to do is for those of you who entered last year, entry this year gets you one of Quest Farms beautiful Pinot Noir wines (over 18 y/o) FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Boom!! So get online and confirm entry NOW!!! IMG_8146

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