Safety & Rules


The Winter Quest mtb and cross country are run according to the universal rules of fair play and decency.  Any form of protest should be lodged in writing to the organisers within 30 minutes of finishing.  In all matters the organiser’s decision will be final.

RULE #1:  HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

  • All participants receive a number plate, which needs to be attached to the front of your bike.  The number plate doesn’t need to be returned.
  • Before starting, all participants must read all the information in the entry form, event website and pre-race programme.
  • All participants must be present at and pay attention to the pre-race briefing.
  • All participants must obey race officials, including aid station staff, at all times.
  • All MTB competitors must wear a safety standards approved bike helmet.
  • All MTB competitors must ensure that their bike is in excellent working condition – there are no pre-race checks.
  • When passing, the runner or rider in front always has the right of way.  Be patient and courteous at all times.
  • If you come across a runner or rider who is injured you must stop and help.  Advise the next person who arrives to carry on and make contact with a race official.  Stay with the injured person until emergency assistance has arrived.
  • Runners and riders may assist each other in the event of accident, mechanical failure or failure to follow the leader in the right direction.
  • Please don’t litter – Quest Farm let us share their special place, please respect that.
  • Walking is optional and sometimes necessary!



Winter Quest is a very demanding and technically challenging course and carries with it an element of risk ranging from exhaustion to accident.  Where possible we have reduced the possibility of risk via signage and support from the onsite medical team.

  • The courses are marked with arrows and spray paint for direction and tape to block wrong directions.
  • Downhill areas are marked with downward arrows.  The more arrows, the higher the risk.
  • There is an emergency aid station at the base camp.  If you suffer minor injuries make your way to the emergency aid station for treatment.
  • You must stop and assist anyone who has suffered serious injury.  Competitors who do stop and assist will have their finish times adjusted accordingly.
  • Don’t move anyone with suspected neck or back injuries.
  • In the event of a rider or runner being unable to move, one competitor must stay with the injured person while another competitor notifies an official or the emergency aid station.
  • If you don’t complete the event please notify a race official, and if appropriate complete a Did Not Finish – DNF – form.  If you can’t return to the base camp for whatever reason, please make contact as soon as possible to let the Race Organiser know the situation.
  • If for any reason your vehicle must be left at Quest Farm following the race, you must let a race official know.
  • Please make sure you have appropriate clothing for the conditions.
  • All riders must ensure their bikes and standards approved helmet are in excellent working condition.

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